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 Known throughout the world for Architectural Renderings and Scale Models,

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has recently added  Marine & Western Art to our portfolio!

Marine Artwork

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Established in 1963, Vathauer Studio is a leader in the field of Architectural Arts. This success can be attributed to a keen understanding of the ever changing real estate market and a continued response to those changes, offering the highest quality of work and service tailored to fit your advertising budget.  Our staff of highly skilled artists and technicians are capable of producing any style or technique your project requires, from hand painted renderings, photography, computer design and detailed scale models. We assist our clients in communicating their ideas with realism and the technical accuracy to best meet your marketing needs, and your deadlines, as well.

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Marine Art


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   Todays economy has dealt some tough challenges to the building industry.

In business for over 40 years  -  through the good times and bad -  Vathauer Studio knows what it takes to attract customers.

We have the styles and services to fit your budget and get back in the game.

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for Boat Builders, Naval Architects,  Interior Designers,  Art Collectors and Marine Enthusiasts


  Marine and Nautical Artwork

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