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Search Engine Optimization

Every year companies around the world spend thousands of dollars marketing their projects online. Some companies spend hundreds of thousands, because they know the return is worth it. So we all agree its important to have a website to promote your company and services, but then what? Perhaps the company that hosts your site promises so many hits each month, but in these economic times its important to know what you can do to promote yourself just like the 'big guys' if the need arises.

A large portion of money spent for online advertising goes towards Search Engine Optimizing. If you have the time to do it yourself, you can significantly increase traffic and attract clients by following these tips and making this your new mantra: "Keyword Saturation.....Keyword Saturation......."

It's worked for us and it can work for you. Since implementing these few tips into our sites our traffic is steadily growing.

Keywords  In order to find you, search engines look for the relative 'keywords' in your site. There are many places in your web pages they check in order to see if your site qualifies for the search being performed. Google and Yahoo want to provide correct results to their 'searchers' so they look for particular items in your web page.  The number of times a 'keyword' appears in your site is the “key," but where they appear is just as important. In order for saturation to be considered high, make sure the words are included in the following places:

The Main Text This is the part of the page that everyone sees when they log on to your site. The keywords must be visible and not hidden.

Meta Tags These are located in the code which is not visible to the person visiting your site. If you're working with a current software or template to edit your site you don't have to know any code to create these meta tag or 'keywords.' Programs today are very user friendly and will create the code for you. Just right click anywhere on the page and the option will appear to type in a list of keywords. The software does the rest!  The keywords in the meta tags add significantly to the sites saturation.

Headers The search engines actually look to see what words are typed using bold text in the html headings. They figure if its written in bold type face, it must be important. The titles given to the pages of your site while in the creation stage are important, as well. They should not be titled simply 'contact' or even your 'company name contact page' unless your company name includes a relevant keyword like Architects, Construction Inc., etc.

Tags Tags are the little labels that appear when your mouse hovers over a photo. If you have keywords in the tags, that tells the search engines whether or not your site is relevant to the search. Like the meta tags, you'll have the option to right click on the photos in your editing program and type the titles that you want to pop up when rolled over.

Names of Photos Not only are the tags important, but the actual name of the artwork or photo you upload can make a huge difference. If you've labeled it something relative to the search, it will help let the search engine know they've reached an appropriate site. For example, if the project rendering is named 'Single Family Home1.jpg' or Construction Project 2.jpg  it will help a lot more than pic1-a or  pic1-b  when it comes to getting hits! We're going in and having to change a number of photo names ourselves, but it's worth the extra time and aggravation!

Number of keywords By now you probably get the point - the more the keywords appear throughout your site, in different locations on each page, the more relevant the search engine will think you are and will direct people your way.

"Keyword Saturation.....Keyword Saturation.......Keyword Saturation.....Keyword Saturation.......Keyword Saturation.....Keyword Saturation......."

So you've updated your keywords  - That's no time to quit!

Now it's time to resubmit!

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